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Yonca Özgün

Computer & Robotics & Coding Teacher / Technology Education Consultant

Stem & Robotic Teacher Training

What you will learn?

This training is for all the educators who are interested in production-oriented education, who are interested in learning and teaching, who want to cooperate by using STEM technics with academic disciplines, want to take steps to develop the project by programming the Arduino.

Training is based on project-based learning. You'll learn by doing.

Attention! It contains overdose code! Just setting up the circuit is useless without the coding. You will receive advanced Arduino training throughout the training and you will also have a basic knowledge of coding.

After getting the training, you can start the maker movement in your schools. You will be able to guide them through this way by learning the ways to wake up this excitement in your students. 


Throughout the training you will experience a number of teaching techniques that have been experienced and achieved. In addition, you will be able to produce your own projects by mobilizing your imagination.

You don't need technical knowledge to get this training! A bit of excitement, plenty of request is enough! I guarantee you will be excited more and more throughout you learn :)

In the training you will learn tips to further improve yourself. In addition to all the project files and notes to be applied in the training, the basic curriculum and material knowledge you will need to set up a maker workshop in your school will be shared with all participants at the end of the training.

** At the end of the training, all participants will be given a Stem Robotic Educator Certificate.



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