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Yonca Özgün is a teacher who always has questions, in love with the learning, teaching and producing, and thinks that technology education should be based on scientific foundations.

She started her career in 2003. During her teaching career, she taught computer science at all age levels and from the first years of her life as a teacher, she focused on programming education. She has also worked on how to teach the coding and conducted various researches. She has been working as the Educational Technology Manager at IELEV Schools since 2017.
She attended programming courses organized by Stanford University in 2014 and 2015. She won two gold medals with two science projects he developed with her students at the Canada Wide Science Fair held in Canada in May 2017. 
In 2019, she won a gold medal third time with the science project he developed with her students at the International Roborave Robotics Competition held in Poland. 

She was selected as a finalist in the Women Leaders of Technology Competition organized by Microsoft in 2017 and 2019, and became one of the most successful female educators of the year.

The project "Innovate Your Dreams" which is more than sixty countries and around 100,000 students participating in the world, she has undertaken the coordination of country.

Within the scope of Yonca Özgün Academy, she has started Advanced Level Maker Trainings by developing her Maker Trainer Trainings and continues to give trainings to teachers on different subjects. With Raspberry Pi & Python Physical Programming training in Turkey, a robotic training programs she moved to a higher dimension. In addition to face-to-face teacher and student training, she provided many online trainings for teachers on different platforms.
She also providing programming education to university students studying engineering at universities such as Boston University in the United States, Northeastern University, UCL (London's Global University) in England, Imperial College London, and students preparing for universities abroad.

She has four books titled "Projelerle Maker Eğitmenliği", "Projelerle Maker Öğrenciliği", "Uzaktan Eğitim Şart", "Eğitimde Google Şifreleri".

The country director of the international RoboRAVE robotics competition and content creation in technology education are among his other fields of work.
She also provides technology training consultancy to leading companies in their field.


Coding & Robotics Teacher / Teacher Trainer / Author

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