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Yonca Özgün

Computer & Robotics & Coding Teacher / Technology Education Consultant


Yonca Özgün is a teacher who always has questions, in love with the learning, teaching and producing, and thinks that technology education should be based on scientific foundations.

She started her career in 2003. During her teaching career, she taught computer science at all age levels and from the first years of her life as a teacher, she focused on programming education. She has also worked on how to teach the coding and conducted various researches.


She attended Java programming courses organized by Stanford University in 2014 and 2015

In 2016, she founded the maker club with the name of DŞMakers in Darüşşafaka Schools. She participated in competitions and maker fairs with the DŞMakers clubs students. In May 2017, along with students participated with two projects as representing Turkey on the Canada Wide Science Fair Competition in Canada and won two golden medals.

In 2017, she was selected as a Finalist in the Women Leaders of Technology Contest organized by Microsoft and became one of the most successful female educators of the year.

She is currently conducting a project for teaching mobile programming to high school students with ÇYDD institution, and educates trainers on mobile programming.

She also gives online technology training to students who studying engineering abroad.

She educates trainers about robotic maker technology education.

Since 2017, Yonca Özgün has been serving as the Director of Educational Technologies at İELEV Schools.

She is also the co-founder of the Tech Garage Istanbul Maker Space.

She is Turkey Country Coordinator of Innovate your Dreams worldwide project which is more than 60 countries worldwide and more than one hundred thousand students participated in a project.

At the same time, she gives consultancy services to companies providing technology education.