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Coding & Robotics Teacher / Teacher Trainer / Author



Projelerle Maker Eğitmenliği (Maker Trainer with Projects)

All the materials a robotics & coding instructor will need is in a complete roadmap format with mentoring tips, project training curriculum and detailed coding descriptions.

With simple to complex projects, you will learn how to do and learn how to teach your students, and you will have tips on many tried and successful methods.


Projelerle Maker Öğrenciliği (Maker Training with projects for students)

Learn by doing, generate ideas, prototype and share!

Written by Yonca Özgün's fun pen for all curious students who want to learn Arduino and C programming, this book aims to make your dream projects come true.

You will learn both coding and the use of Arduino with projects designed from simple to complex, thanks to the student book he wrote based on the experiences of a teacher who works actively in the field.


Uzaktan Eğitim Şart (Distance Education is a Must)

This book outlines a roadmap about distance education for teachers and educational institutions. It offers suggestions for choosing the right tools, applying useful tactics and building an effective digital learning environment. It takes learning beyond the four walls and enriches it with the tools of the digital world. All you have to do is turn the challenges you face into opportunities with an innovative perspective!


Eğitimde Google Şifreleri (Google Passwords in Education)

This book is for teachers who want to go beyond searching on Google. You will witness how the most essential Google tools to have at hand, such as Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets, Forms, Calendar, Gmail and Classroom, enrich your classroom. Now you will easily prepare educational content and easily share them with your students. You will collect assignments with one click and increase your interaction with your students by giving special feedback. You will prepare online exams and surveys and analyze the results easily. Your students and you will now organize your time efficiently. With these flexible, secure, easy tools that you can use on any device, you will be able to focus more on your students' learning. This book will be your biggest helper with the practical ideas it contains for the most effective use of Google tools in learning and teaching activities. 

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